On Friday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced a statewide indoor mask mandate unless a business has a vaccination mandate. 

“I have to protect people but also the economy,” Governor Hochul said. 

For many business owners in Plattsburgh, they say they got no advance notice but will comply.

As of now, the staff at Steven Bailey Salon Spa in Plattsburgh must wear a mask. In March of 2020, the owner Lezlie Petty was diagnosed with breast cancer and has gone through treatments. 

“So, when our numbers started to go back up here, I asked the staff if they would be comfortable wearing a mask,” Petty said.

If her clients are fully vaccinated, it’s their choice.

“They can go with a mask or without,” Petty said. “We leave that up to them, until Monday now.” 

To get into Joli Nails, you will need a mask. 

“I will ask as they walk in, and if they don’t have a vaccine card, they will have to have their mask,” Van Trans, owner said. 

Trans said he was surprised when he heard about the new requirement. 

“This will be my first-time hearing this, and most of my clientele over the whole covid season have been very respectful to us, so they will do what is necessary,” Trans said. 

Trans says throughout the pandemic they have been following the rules by law. 

“If masks are not required, we don’t require, or anything,” Trans said. 

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said in a statement she strongly opposes the decision.

“This is another crushing mandate for New York small businesses who have faced unprecedented challenges throughout the covid pandemic, including forced closures required by New York State,” Stefanik said. 

Governor Hochul plans to reassess on January 15.