The first snow of the season made it’s arrival this week, and more is on the way.

The City of Plattsburgh is now changing it’s parking ban system, ahead of the blast of wintry-weather. 

Last year, the city saw a major change in the parking ban law.   Originally, parking was not allowed overnight, but after 8am, people could park wherever, regardless of the snow removal efforts. 

Mayor Chris Rosenquest explains the last year’s new law, “Once the lights are on, there should be no parking on the street.  That’s the new rule that was installed last year.”

The change this year, not so major. 

“The language in the previous revision of the law said midnight. We changed it to 12:01 for the day, just so people are clear on what midnight means, when the parking ban actually starts.  That’s the comical piece to this.  Its not a massive change to the ban itself,” said Rosenquest.

Also, there will be a new snow phone, so people can call in and listed to a recording explaining the rules, and where they can and cannot park. 

That phone number will be posted on all the flashing light signs.  So, if people have questions, they can call this phone number.  There will be a voicemail, a recording,” said Rosenquest.

The number has not yet been released by the city

Rosenquest did clarify that when the parking signs are lit up, there is absolutely no parking anywhere on city streets in Plattsburgh.   Some people may have to park a distance from their home, or on their lawn.   While parking on a lawn is not allowed in the city, Rosenquest said it is overlooked during a snow emergency.