A new princess was crowned in the North Country. And she is fighting a big battle. Four-year-old Claralynn Stone was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer in January.

“She was diagnosed just four days after her fourth birthday,” Michelle Stone, Claralynn’s mom said. “And it is called Anaplastic Astroblastoma.” 

On Wednesday, Claralynn Stone was crowned a princess, thanks to the help from her community.  They came together outside their home in Plattsburgh to deliver messages of love and hope.

“It means everything to see people show up,” Michelle said. “Some people have never even met her, they just heard. And to have it turn out like it did is truly awesome.” 

Justin Burl, commander for the Department of Homeland Security, coordinated the fairy tale mission. Along with help from Beekmantown Cheerleaders, and the Guardians of the Ribbon, Pink Heals. 

“All year round if there is anyone battling cancer, we come together and we make some phone calls and we bring hope to their doors,” Burl said. 

They had help from many people.  

“We had the North Country bike riders, we had the North Country honor flight,” Burl said. “Beekmantown cheerleaders, who provided some of the princesses and queens, Morrisville Fire Department district.” 

Michelle said her daughter is doing well. 

“She is on her oral chemo once a month and she will be on that until next may,” Michelle said. “They want her to keep on it for a year.”  

The Stones want people to know it’s important to be aware and watch your kids.

“Anything that doesn’t seem normal bring them in and get them checked, because we had no idea,” Brandon Stone, Claralynn’s dad. 

Claralynn has her next scan coming up in the beginning of next month and they are hoping the scan is clear like her last one.