Plattsburgh, NY – Plattsburgh resident, Jim Morgan, well-known for community events, is now seeking the community’s help in finding a living kidney donor after a year-long search.

Business owner, thrill seeker, and adventure lover Jim “Timex” Morgan is seeking a living kidney donor to conquer muc-1 kidney disease, a rare genetic disorder leading to early kidney failure.

“It allows the kidney to do some of its natural function. I think of it as kind of a screen, and that being that the screen can still fit in a window. It still does everything. It’s just all clogged up with fuzz,” said Morgan’s partner Shelly Turner.

Due to his genetic condition, Morgan has needed to be on dialysis since June of 2022.

He can no longer work at his business Plattsburgh Advanced Imaging, which has taken a toll on Morgan’s mental health.

“June 9th was a big, big day because I can no longer work. I can no longer do what I’m supposed to be doing. I guess that was really, really tough for me to figure that I’ve got to just step away,” said Morgan.

Most years at this time, Morgan would be planning the next big event at Airborne Speedway.

Now he undergoes a four-hour dialysis process five days a week, involving the preparation, treatment, and subsequent disconnection of the machine for the following day.

Morgan can no longer do many of the other things he loves, like race car driving, traveling, or fishing, due to the toll dialysis has had on his body.

Jim and his partner Shelly, connected to Jen Benson, founder and CEO of The Transplant Journey, and David Krissman, creator of The Great Social Experiment, have agreed to participate in a pilot program to launch an online campaign.

“We started looking for these patients that were in need of living donors, and this organization that I have, the Transplant Journey Inc., works with patients who are trying to navigate the transplant process,” said Founder/CEO of the Transplant Journey Inc., Jen Benson.

“Jen and I basically work with them, and we mobilize their community. Their friends and loved ones, get everyone organized, create meaningful media and then blast that message far and wide,” said Producer of the Great Social Experiment, David Krissman.

Krissman said in his experience, creating a full online campaign on multiple platforms is much more effective in finding a living donor than relying on one website.

A kidney transplant would allow Morgan to go back to work again, spend time with his grandchildren, and get back to doing what he loves.

To find out how to help Morgan and be a living organ donor, visit