Police: Brattleboro woman gained thousands from phony tax returns

Local News

A Brattleboro woman is accused of receiving nearly $10,000 in refunds after filing fradulent state tax returns.

Police say Heidi Chandler, 43, filed fraudulent W2 documents for her 2016 and 2017 returns, receiving more than $4,500 in refunds each time.

Tax Commissioner Kaj Samsom says when fraudulent returns are paid out, all taxpayers suffer. But, she says, it’s become easier to identify suspicious activity.

“There is a lot of it that we prevent every year,” he said. It’s $10 million-plus between renter rebate, property tax adjustment and improper refunds. Sometimes it’s honest mistakes, sometimes it could be a software error and sometimes it’s a question of whether it was intentional or not.”

Chandler is facing several charges including perjury and will be in court later this month.

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