The air quality issues at Burlington High School that closed the campus last week have now led the campus to close for the remainder of the fall semester. Instruction will continue online.

In a letter to the community, Burlington School District Superintendent Tom Flanagan wrote that the level of PCB chemicals in the air meets federal air quality guidelines from the EPA. However, he added that it doesn’t meet Vermont Department of Health guidelines, which are far more strict.

Flanagan wrote that state health officials recommended shutting down most of the campus until air quality remediation efforts are complete and that EPA officials agreed. The remediation efforts will require at least four months of work.

The BHS kitchen and cafeteria apparently have lower PCB levels than the remainder of the campus, and Flanagan wrote that those areas will remain open for food preparation. It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone will be allowed to eat in the cafeteria.

Local 22 and Local 44 News reached out to school district leaders Wednesday night; we were told that Superintendent Flanagan would be available to offer more information on Thursday.