Plattsburgh, NY — With the continually increasing prices of insulin, Senator Chuck Schumer spoke outside of the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital about a bill that would greatly help those in need. The bill would lower the cost for people suffering from diabetes from up to $600 a month, down to a maximum of $35.

“We’ve made great advances, it’s terrific, but now all of a sudden we’ve made these great advances and insulin is out of reach in terms of cost for too many people,” said Senator Schumer. “Here in the North Country, 45,000 people have diabetes”. 

Connor Sargeant is among those who will benefit from lower insulin costs. Sargeant, who has type 1 diabetes, says it will help give him long-term financial security.

“The monthly cap, that’s really gonna do it because right now if I don’t have good health insurance either under my mom or when I’m old enough to not be under her, it’s gonna kill me paying that much. But if it’s capped at $35 then I don’t have to worry about where I end up working and how the health insurance is.” 

Dr. Wouter Rietsema, the Vice President of Population Health & Information Services, says lower insulin costs are helpful but says more needs to be done. “This bill is critically important obviously to people who rely on insulin, but that’s only part of the puzzle and we need to continue to do more.” 

Morgan Thomas, another individual with type 1 diabetes says she has a message for senators who may oppose this bill. “Looking at someone in your own family, if they had diabetes and were struggling to pay for it, would you just let them die? Would you let them struggle and try to pay that amount, or would you lower it so they can survive and have a comfortable life?”

The proposed bipartisan bill would cover people with and without insurance so they don’t pay more than the monthly allotted cap.