Protecting your pets from the summer heat

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When the temperatures start to reach the mid-70s, your pet, especially dogs, feels the heat.

Dogs don’t sweat, which is how humans naturally cool themselves off. Dogs regulate their body’s temperature by panting or breathing heavily.

Keeping them cool and hydrated is important to prevent heat-related illnesses, like heatstroke.

“We got to remember that, our pets don’t sweat like us,” said Adrian Flanders of the Fitzgerald Veterinary Hospital. “hey only really lose heat by breathing. When it’s humid, that heat exchange is really poor. They can overheat very quickly.”

As pets overheat, they can  develop blood clots.

If your dog excessively pant and isn’t eating or drinking you should take it to an animal hospital immediately.

Dogs that are prone to breathing issues are those with short snouts, like bulldogs.

The heat shouldn’t stop you from taking your active dog on his run. Recommendations include going early in the morning or late in the evening once the air temperature has cooled down. Also, it’s good practice to bring cold water for your pup to drink on the run.

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