After controversy over a mascot some say resembles a KKK Klansman, the Randolph galloping ghosts are getting a new look.

School officials say however that it is not the mascot that is the issue, rather the images that reside in the gym, and on clock faces throughout the school. The new image that they plan to go with, will take the school back in time, basing their new look on one that was used until the late ’80s.

And while that change may have been hard for some, officials say that it was a relatively easy and necessary change to be made.

“People in the community and outside of the community have said that the mascot caused them distress and discomfort and any range of negative emotions. That’s something that we have to take seriously and so some kind of change seemed to be in order,” says Principal Elijah Hawkes.
Superintendent Layne Millington adds that, “What we chose to do was to go back and use an image that had been in place for years and years and years, since the formations of the galloping ghost story, right up until about 1980. And that was a Grimm Reaper on a horse… And so to take that the controversy out of the image itself.”

Currently there is no mascot painted on the wall in the gym anymore, and Mr. Millington plans on reaching out to local artists for the new take on a classic look.