Earlier this week, the House passed legislation that would provide a legal pathway for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, also known as Dreamers.

“The Dream and Promise Now Act” would still have to pass the Senate, but President Trump said he will veto it.

“I’m calling on Senator Mitch McConnell today to do the right thing,” said Rep. Peter Welch.

It would provide citizenship to millions of Dreamers like Juan Conde, a UVM medical student who came to America from Mexico at the age of 9.

“At times we can get discouraged, we lose hope, and wonder what our place in America is,” said Juan Conde.
Conde said UVM was one of the first to open its doors to DACA students wanting to study medicine, accepting them into its program since 2015.
“It has and will continue to be our practice to protect undocumented students to the fullest extent under federal law,” said UVM President Tom Sullivan.
President Donald Trump put an end to DACA in 2017 and has since pushed for a border wall and other immigration policies. 
“It’s a huge worry,” Conde said. “It’s something that keeps us awake at night.”
Meaning Conde and others could face big changes like losing their right to drive, get a job, and possibly being deported to a country he barely knows. Conde said he just wants to be able to contribute to the nation he calls home.
“It makes very little sense when we have grown here, and lived our whole lives here,” Conde said.
Out of concern, he wrote to Vermont’s Congressional Delegation, who’s now fighting for him and others. 
“Put that bill on the floor and let the Senate vote,” said Rep. Welch.