Concord, NH- Army Gen. Don Bolduc will take on Democratic incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan in November after State Sen. President Chuck Morse conceded the Republican primary race early Wednesday.

Morse announced his concession on Twitter saying, “It’s been a long night & we’ve come up short. I want to thank my supporters for all the blood, sweat & tears they poured into this team effort. I just called and wished all the best to @GenDonBolduc. The focus this fall needs to be on defeating Maggie Hassan.”

The Associated Press hasn’t called the race for Bolduc, who holds 1 percentage point lead over Morse with roughly 90% of the vote reported.

In a statement, Bolduc said, “Our campaign overcame the odds and millions of dollars in spending from outside special interest groups because we built a true bottom-up grassroots campaign. Throughout the primary, I have felt the concerns of the voters, and heard time and again we need to send an outsider to Washington.”

The GOP is looking to clinch a crucial Senate seat by defeating Hassan, but Bolduc’s divisive views on the 2020 election could make more moderate Republicans think twice before casting their ballot for him.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is hoping that Bolduc’s extreme views will unite voters in the three major parties against him.

“Don Bolduc is the most extreme Senate nominee in modern New Hampshire history,” state Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley said. “Bolduc is an election denier who would ban abortion nationwide, end Social Security, decimate Medicare, and undermine our democracy. Bolduc’s extreme, backward-looking agenda could not be more out of touch with New Hampshire values, and that’s why Republicans, Democrats, and Independents will come together this November to defeat him.”