Plattsburgh, NY — The November matchup is set, as Democratic candidate Matt Castelli will face four-term U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, the number three ranking Republican in the House.

All along, Castelli has touted himself as the candidate who is best positioned to unseat Stefanik. He has cited his experience as a counter-terrorism official with the CIA and his Moderate stance on issues like gun control. He says he has what it takes to defeat Rep. Stefanik, who is trying for a fifth term, but Stefanik’s team is already labeling Castelli a “Far-Left Downstate Democrat.”

Stefanik Senior Advisor Alex deGrasse issued a statement, saying in part: “ we are confident that NY-21 VOTERS will soundly reject Castelli and re-elect Congresswoman Stefanik in another landslide victory.”

Castelli in his remarks to supporters said of the upcoming race, “It will not be easy. They will be relentless, but we will be tireless. They will have unlimited resources, but we will have unlimited will.”

Matt Putorti, who conceded the race around 10:30 pm, released a statement saying: “I want to congratulate Matt Castelli on his win tonight. We are united in the mission to defeat Elise Stefanik. Matt Castelli has my support, and I ask that you give him yours too.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.