Plattsburgh, NY — It’s Primary Day in New York, the second of two primary days for the state this summer. Polls will close in a few hours and we will soon know which Democratic candidate in the 21st District will be taking on Elise Stefanik, the country’s third-ranking Republican in the General Election in November.

Matt Castelli, the former CIA counterterrorism official is holding a watch party in his town of Glens Falls, while Matt Putorti, an attorney from Whitehall, is holding a private event in his hometown. Early voting for this primary had almost doubled the total from the June primaries in Clinton County, which the Deputy Commissioner for the Board of Elections Clinton County, says is surprising.

“If you look at it just from a raw number’s standpoint, the June primary had more races on the ballot. Statewide governor for republicans, statewide governor and lieutenant for the democrats, down-ballot races, and you had both republican and democratic voters voting in the June primary.” 

One voter shared how she decided who she was going to vote for. “I think as a voter you’re always constrained by the options you’re given and whether you’re gonna vote strategically or kind of with your heart, and for me, I’m a person who cannot, as anti-strategic as it may be, consciously I have to vote for the candidate who I believe represents my beliefs the best.” 

While polls close at 9 pm, if you’re still in line at 9, you will still be allowed to cast your ballot. If you have an absentee ballot that was not postmarked before the post office closed today, you or someone else can drop it off at a polling station before 9 pm.