Voters in Chittenden County will decide whether to help fund a new recycling facility, but a change in the election law means the specific bond issue won’t be on the General Election ballot.

The Chittenden Solid Waste District wants to replace the existing recycling facility with a new one in Williston. It’s asking for a $16 million bond to do so. But, Vermont switched to universal mail in balloting for the upcoming election. That law only allows cities, villages, towns, and school districts to get on the regular ballot. However, since the district serves all of Chittenden County, its bond has to be voted on in a separate ballot.

Senator Thomas Chittenden says voters can easily request that ballo

. “We’re coming down to the wire, so what I’d strongly encourage people to do is go into their local Town Clerk’s office during business hours, otherwise, show up Tuesday to vote on the CSWD ballot,” Chittenden noted.

“Even if you already mailed in your General Election ballot, there is a CSWD ballot waiting for you to also weigh in on this issue at your local town’s office,” he added.

CSWD’s current recycling facility is now thirty years old, which Chittenden says is inefficient to laborers. He also noted, a new facility would make recycling more affordable, without raising property taxes in the county.