Vermont’s candidates for the U.S. Senate are putting in last-minute efforts to gain votes.

On Sunday, Democratic Rep. Peter Welch embarked on a whistle-stop train tour from Burlington to Rutland. Welch’s ‘Railroad to Victory’ tour held special significance, echoing the train tour he took when he first ran for Congress in 2006. Welch is campaigning to replace the retiring Sen. Patrick Leahy.

“We’ve had all of the campaigning for months, and now it’s time for people to make certain they vote,” said Welch, who was joined by other Vermont Democratic nominees, includinggubernatorial candidate for Brenda Siegel, U.S. House candidate Becca Balint and Attorney General candidate Charity Clark,

Meanwhile, Welch’s opponent, Republican Gerald Malloy joined volunteers in a sign wave, and shared his story with Vermont veterans Sunday. Malloy said he is running “to represent, serve, and fight for all Vermonters – not just a section of Vermonters – all Vermonters.”

In a statement, Malloy said he’ll be visiting every Vermont county on Monday before casting his vote Tuesday in Ascutney on Tuesday. “The momentum for much needed change here in Vermont is fever pitch. Please let your voice be heard. We are headed to a huge victory for a better future for Vermont.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Malloy, even though Malloy does not agree that the 2020 election was rigged. “I’m honored,” he said. “I had a former United States of America President call me up, we talked at length about Vermont politics, and he offered me an endorsement.”

In a statement, Welch responded to the endorsment, saying “the choice in this election has never been clearer for the direction of our country and the future of our democracy.

“Mr. Malloy voted for former President Trump twice, I voted to impeach Trump twice,” he said. “I’m running to be Vermont’s next Senator to strengthen our democracy and fight for working families. We need all Vermonters to vote and make their voices heard – for Vermont, for our country, and for our democracy.”