A day before Vermont Primary Day, the Republican candidates for the state’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives were out spreading their message one final time before voters head to the polls.

Erika Redic of Burlington, Anya Tynio Charleston and Liam Madden of Bellows Falls are vying for the GOP nomination to replace Democratic Rep. Peter Welch in November. Welch is running to replace Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is retiring after 48 years in the Senate.

Redic said her experience as an accountant makes her the ideal choice for Republican voters Tuesday.

“What Vermonters really want right now is someone with practical, real-world experience dealing with the problems that we’re facing in this country,” Redic said.

“I’m going to propose a bill for term limits for federal officials,” she said, “because 48 years is far too long for anyone to hold office in the federal government. I am also going to push for single issue bills, so every single bill can only have one appropriation, one topic. And then a balanced budget initiative”. 

Madden, who identifies as an Independent, has said, unless the GOP decides to leave the seat blank on November ballots, like Democrats do when Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders runs for reelection, said he’ll be more than happy to put an ‘R’ next to his name in November.

 Madden said he wants to reform how government works.

“It needs to be more effective, and term limits would be one thing that’s kind of the lower hanging fruit I would definitely propose soon,” he said. “And I’m looking for ways to have people influence policy without it being stuck, and to have a way for the citizenry to bypass gridlock”. 

Tynio said her top priorities are upholding the Constitution and border security.

“I’m a constitutional republican. I believe all politicians should be constitutional politicians and use the constitution as the guide for governance,” she said. “And we need to focus very much on the crisis at the southern border.”

All three candidates said they believe bipartisanship and focusing on the needs of Vermonters first is key to winning the seat for Republicans.

Polls open between 5 and 10 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7 p.m.