For those who have not voted yet the Vermont Primary, there is still time before polling locations close at 7 pm.

Here’s what know before you go to cast your ballot.

What do I bring to vote?

If you are registering at the polls, Vermont requires a physical or photocopied version of one of the following:

  • Current bank statement
  • Valid photo ID
  • Current utility bill
  • A government issued document

If you are already registered, you are not required to bring any form of identification to the polls. Make sure to verify your registration status before heading to the polls to ensure bringing proper documentation.

When do the polls open?

Polls began opening this morning in Vermont. All polling places close at 7 p.m. Secretary of State Jim Condo recommends that anyone who was planning on mailing in a ballot will need to bring it to their local polling station before the polls close.

Can I vote?

If you are not registered on the day of the election, you are still able to do same-day registration. You must meet the following requirements to be registered to vote:

If you are registered to vote in the state of Vermont, you will be able to vote during the election.

  • Resident of Vermont
  • 18 years or older by the day the polls open
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Done the voters oath
  • Vote at the poll located in the city/town you reside in

Who can I vote for?

Vermont Primary has all the resources for the races you should be watching.

Where are the polls I can vote at?

Check your My Voter Page to find which polling location is nearest to you.

How do I find out who won?

We will have live coverage of candidate gatherings when the polls close. Results should start coming around 7:45 p.m. Visit our “Vermont Primary” page at for a complete list of the races we’ve been following.