Winnie McCormick graduated from Saint Michael’s College in the 1980s.

Nearly four decades later, she came across a reminder of her education: her old student ID buried in the bottom of a moving box.

“The other day I was reorganizing and I came across the card, and I said, ‘Well, I better send it back,’ so I sent it back with a note,” She said.

But it wasn’t just an old piece of nostalgia — it was 40 years overdue. In the ’80s, students were required to return their IDs after graduation.

McCormick dropped off the ID to the dean of students, Dawn Ellinwood. She said a lot more personal information printed onto the old ID cards.

“It’s funny because our IDs have changed,” Ellinwood said. “Our old – older – have social security numbers and date of birth on them.

“In the last six months, I would say five were returned.”

Ellinwood said, all that has since changed, along with the design of the school IDs.

In the meantime, the mystery of the missing ID is solved.