Some 250 progressive activists are scheduled to converge in Burlington later this month to hash out their ideas on the environment, the economy and social and criminal justice.

The list of speakers for the first Sanders Institute Gathering includes economists, elected officials, labor leaders and others from the US, Canada and Europe.

Jane Sanders, co-founder & fellow at the Sanders Institute, said topics at the conference will include Medicare for All, the climate, housing, international cooperation and workers’ rights.

“The selection of topics and speakers will ensure that the conference is insightful and relevant, as we discuss some of our nation’s most pressing issues and share innovative solutions,” Sanders said in a press releases.

Founded in 2017, the Sanders Institute describes itself as a non-partisan think tank with a mission to “revitalize democracy” through progressive solutions.

“The core intent of The Sanders Institute Gathering is to share replicable policies, develop actionable steps, establish ongoing networks and articulate a progressive vision,” said David Driscoll, co-founder and executive director.

The event is scheduled for November 29 – December 1 at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, 60 Lake Street in Burlington.