South Burlington, VT — Vermont has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases with young people accounting for a high number of positive cases.

The South Burlington School District has seen an increase in cases among students. Kara Cassani is a school nurse at the Orchard School and district nurse liaison. She said two students tested positive today.

“We are over 30 right now for this week.” Cassani said.

Cassani said contract tracing is taking up most of their time.

“We are anticipating that maybe there will be a shift in how we approach positive cases in the schools because it is a bit unsustainable for us to continue at this rate right now,” Cassani said.

Despite the uptick in cases, the SBSD is doing all it can to keep the children still in the classroom as safe as possible. All of the classrooms have air purifiers that trap virus particles and masks are required. Booster shots are encouraged for those who are eligible. Children ages 12 to 15 can now receive their Pfizer booster as soon as five months after their second dose.

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine said in a statement that the more kids who receive their booster shots, the safe and healthier they will be.

“This his how we can protect our children and each other and give them the chance to stay in school and just enjoy being kids,” Dr. Mark Levine.

Superintendent David Young said keeping kids in the classroom is vital to their social and educational growth.

“The opportunity for kids to socialize and connect and problem solve, all of those things collaboratively together is something you can’t do very effectively on Zoom,” Young said.