Winooski, VT.- It’s a problem that arises primarily around the holiday season, but stolen packages are an issue year round.

“In the video, the guy looks completely normal until he starts glancing at porches every time he goes down the street and he just wanders into someone’s yard and grabs a box,” says Chris Parker.

Chris lives in Winooski.  He’s referencing his security cam video that caught a man stealing a package from his front porch.  It happened in the middle of the day.

“I kind of wasn’t surprised because my black car was broken into two years ago and I just figured I should watch the neighborhood,” Chris said. 

Chris has been away on business.  He says as soon as he saw the security video, he contacted the Winooski Police Department. 

“People who have a package missing might not think to call the police first,” says Lt. James Charkalis. 

Charkalis says underreporting makes tracking this crime difficult.                         

“We’re only one square mile so it seems to affect all quadrants of the city of Winooski,” Lt. Charkalis said.  “Report it to us because that helps us track trends in the neighborhoods to see if there’s an uptick regarding thefts.”

Preventing yourself from falling victim to porch pirates will help you avoid having to call police in the first place. 

“Set up with the carrier to sign for the package before it gets delivered,” says Charkalis.  “See if you can have packages delivered to your place of employment so you can make sure you’re there to get the package.”

He also recommends installing security cameras at your home, like Chris did.

“I didn’t get my package back, but the vendor did ship me a new one,” says Chris.  “It was Dollar Shave Club, so the guy got away with $20 in shaving stuff.”

Winooski police are still looking for the thief.  They ask people to call them, if they know who he is.