Washington, D.C. – Committee assignments have been announced for Vermont’s freshman Congresswoman Becca Balint and freshman Senator Peter Welch.

Senator Welch will serve on four committees. They are the Senate Agriculture, Commerce, Judiciary and Rules Committees. In a statement, Senator Welch wrote, “These committee assignments position me to keep fighting for the things that matter to Vermonters: strengthening our rural communities and agricultural traditions, lowering the cost of living, and protecting our democracy.”

Representative Becca Balint is a member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. It is the main investigative committee in the House of Representatives. Ranking Member Jamie Raskin announced that Rep. Balint will be among 20 Democrats on the committee. He referred to them as the “Truth Squad.” Rep. Balint says “Democracy has been under attack, and I am committed to using all the grit and courage I have to protect it. I’m thrilled to join Oversight Democrats, who are dedicated to advancing the critical work required to maintain a healthy democratic system. ”

Vermont’s senior senator Bernie Sanders serves on six U.S. Senate committees. He chairs the Senate Banking Committee.