Burlington, VT – It’s been almost one week since Hamas invaded Israel where, according to CNN, at least 1,200 people have lost their lives. The U.S. is sending weapons to Israel, and President Biden has pledged his full support.

After a briefing with the state department and people from the intelligence community, Senator Peter Welch says that Israel, with U.S. cooperation, has a goal of rescuing the hostages.

“How can that be done when they’re in Gaza? It’s incredibly difficult,” he says. “But the Israeli government and the U.S. government are dedicated to using our most resourceful people to do everything we can to get those hostages out.”

Draizy Junik is the program director at Chabad of Burlington, a local Jewish community center.

She says that those in Burlington have been responding to the situation with shock and pain.

“Everybody knows somebody on the ground, whether it’s friends, family, cousins…it really hits home for everybody here.”

Junik also stresses the importance of community during times like these. She says,

“This is a time of unity and a time where we can really show up for our community, for our people, and with that we feel like there is hope.”

A gathering will be held this Sunday (10/15/23) at 3pm in front of City Hall. All are invited to come together and show their solidarity for the people of Israel.