Severe Weather Awareness Week: What to do when severe weather strikes.

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This week has been dubbed severe weather awareness week by the National Weather Service.

It’s an effort to get you prepared for the summer thunderstorm season.

“Severe weather awareness week is meant to inform the public about the different hazards for different regions. What to expect from us what to expect from the weather and how to take appropriate actions should severe weather impact your area,” said Matthew Clay, a Meteorologist and Forecaster with NWS Burlington.

He says one of the things the weather service is stressing this year is the difference between a watch and a warning.

“A watch we typically if possible we like to issue well in advance of any ongoing severe or tornadic thunderstorm, it means it’s time to keep an eye on the sky doesn’t mean anything is imminent at the time. Once we issue that warning that means that we are expecting either damaging wind large hail or possibly a tornado on the rare occasion we get a tornado here in the North Country,” said Clay.

If you’re confused, think of it like baking.

Having all the ingredients to bake a cupcake is kind of like having all the ingredients in the atmosphere for a severe storm, and that’s when a watch is issued.

“When we’re putting out a watch saying we’re expecting severe thunderstorms, we’re saying the ingredients are present,” said Clay.

But when you combine all those ingredients in a bowl and bake them into a cupcake, that’s when you have a warning.

“You have your warning, you have a cupcake that you can actually see it’s on going and it’s there for you,” said Clay.

No matter what, when a warning is issued it’s important to know of a safe spot in the lowest level of your home or business, that’s away from windows and doors, to ride out the storm.

If you’re in a boat or out in the open away from any sort of shelter, here is what the weather service recommend you do.

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