Shelburne, VT — The Cartwright family is trying to get their lives back together after losing their home and two pets to a weekend fire.

On Thursday, Lucy Cartwright celebrated her fifth birthday, and a neighbor and a local toy shop owner came together to make it special.

For Lucy’s birthday, a neighbor reached out to Jamie Two Coats, a Shelburne toy store, and asked if it could open early for the family.

The store owners, Nancy and Hoyt Barringer, were more than happy to make it happen.

“It was our pleasure,” Nancy Barringer said. “There was no hesitation. Anything we can do to help.”

For her birthday, Lucy and her two siblings had the store all to themselves.

“This day is incredible,” Cartwight said. “That someone organized a special day for Lucy to enjoy her birthday amidst all the stuff we are going through.”

Nancy Barringer said watching the children have the run of the store was “wonderful.”

“It was so nice to see their joy and little Lucy’s fifth birthday. Her joy is to come in and look around and be magical and pick out some fun things,” she said.

Her husband agreed.

“It really felt like we were just sharing some of her excitement and happiness, so it made it worthwhile,” Hoyt Barringer said.

Shelburne resident Jerry Shipman set up a GoFundMe page to help the family, which has already raised $30,000. Shipman says the money will help the Cartwrights find short-term housing and pay for additional expenses including insurance costs.

“They have little children, go to school with my kids,” said Jerry Shipman, a Shelburne resident. “Obviously, our main priorities now are to get them clothes and some toys.”