In South Burlington, Santa’s helpers have been working for about a month now, getting stockings ready for children in need. 

Victoria Pierce Mulliss is working to help struggling families make ends meet, by making sure their children have a gift to open on christmas. 

“I don’t ever want a child to get up from the Christmas tree and go hide in their room and cry because they watched their siblings get something and they didn’t,” Pierce Mulliss said. “Or because no one got anything and we were told Santa Claus was coming and he didn’t show up.”  

Pierce Mulliss put a post on facebook, asking for donations of toys and gifts.

“So with the help of the community, and help of my friends sharing the post and their friends sharing the post, we were able to do it,” Pierce Mulliss said. 

But then she realized, some people needed more than just a little bit of help. 

“I had a couple women say “are you doing just stockings because I have nothing for my family,”’ Pierce Mulliss. 

With the help from family and the community they tried to do as much as they could. 

“Not all kids want coloring books and crayons,” Pierce Mulliss said. “Some kids know all they are going to get is the pair of shoes or the shirt and the parents can’t do it. So if that is the one gift the parent is asking for I am going to try to get it. I don’t promise, but I promise I will give a stocking with a bunch of stuff and if I can get it it will.” 

Eric Svensson heard about this on Facebook and wanted to help. He donated $2,000 dollars worth of gifts. 

“Victoria had a link to an Amazon wish list and just started going down and adding them to the cart,” Svensson said. 

To make children smile on Christmas is the best gift of all. 

“In reality, especially here in this country we are all really fourntuate and you could make a real big impact just by doing a little,” Svensson said. “Just going out of your way just to help someone out a little bit.”