Some movie theaters have needed more time to bounce back from the pandemic than others.

After being closed nearly two and a half years, Palace Nine Cinema in South Burlington opened for movie-goers several weeks ago.

“Customers have been bothering me wondering when we’re going to open,” says Merrill Jarvis. “And finally we opened back up.”

The Bouchard family came out to see Minions The Rise of Gru.

“It’s a Friday night, we’ve been waiting to see minions for quite awhile now,” says Adam Bouchard. “It was just so hot. We thought coming inside to a movie theater would be great tonight.”

And kids are happy to be back.

“Come join the experience as soon as possible,” says one Bouchard family member.

Palace Nine is just one of several theaters owned by Merrill Jarvis.
The Roxy in downtown Burlington re-opened in June of last year.
He then re-opened the Majestic Ten in Williston a few months later.
Jarvis says staffing issues coupled with challenges accessing certain movies kept Palace Nine from doing likewise.

“At first Hollywood wasn’t giving us the films,” Jarvis says. “They were putting them on pay-per view, Netflix, Hulu, things like that.”

Since the pandemic, many people began relying on streaming services to watch the newest movies.
But many say they miss the traditional way of watching movies.

“We’ve missed the experience,” Bouchard says. “It’s a blast coming into the movie theater. It’s just not the same at home.”

“There’s nothing like going to the movies and experiencing it with a bunch of people,” Jarvis says. “Everyone feels the same emotion at the same time.”

Jarvis adds — he’s heard concerns from customers about rising prices.

“Here at the palace, we’re going to fight inflation,” Jarvis says. “On Tuesdays, all seats, all shows, all days, only five dollars.”

Other movies in the box office include Elvis, Thor Love and Thunder and Top Gun Maverick.