F. H. Tuttle Middle School and South Burlington High School were locked down Thursday after administrators said they were told that students claiming to be armed had threatened other students.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent David Young said middle school officials were alerted of the potential threat and called police. Both schools, which share a campus on Dorset Street, were locked down as officers from South Burlington Police and Vermont State troopers arrived, some carrying shotguns and wearing helmets and ballistic vests.

Police were at the scene until about 2:30 p.m., when the schools went into a modified lockdown and students were told to remain in their classrooms. No one was injured.

Police Chief Shawn Burke said in a news release that there was no threat to the public or students and school staff. Burke said three male students allegedly threatened three others, but no weapons were found.

“It was a little layered on how this came in,” Burke said. “A student called a parent and the parent called 911. So we have to work that chain of events back down.”

Burke said the students involved, all juveniles, were interviewed by detectives.

Jaxon French, freshman at the high school, said he was in the hallway when the lockdown was announced. He said he ran into a classroom and texted his parents.

“Basically the entire time we had no information and we were kinda just hiding,” he said.

Young said students were dismissed at the usual time and school and police officials continue to investigate. He assured parents that “the protocols we put in place to secure the school worked as planned.”