Burlington, VT. — The Burlington Fire Department reported a fire that took place early morning on Wednesday. The Burlington Emergency Communications Center received an alarm activation and sprinkler flow activation at an apartment building at 234 South Champlain St. 911 also received calls about smoke in the building.

Fifteen on-duty Burlington Fire Fighters responded to the scene to find the residents outside and did not see any smoke coming from the building. Fire fighters entered the building and searched the second floor where the smoke had been reported. Heavy smoke was found in the apartment where the fire originated but no residents were found inside.

The Fire Department reported that a small fire started between a recliner and a bed in the living room of the apartment. The resident was woken up by the activation of the sprinkler system and safely exited the building. The resident closed the apartment door behind them, limiting the source of oxygen to feed the fire. This allowed the sprinkler system to suppress and extinguish the fire. Fire fighters noted that the smoke alarm in the living room had been removed.

The Burlington Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating this incident.