St. Albans turns down volume on city streets, specifically noise from cars and motorcycles

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St. Albans wants to turn down the volume on city streets, specifically passing cars and motorcycles. The city council passed a noise ordinance on Monday. It’s aimed at keeping the noise down from passing cars.

William Westen owns a business on North Main Street in Saint Albans. 

“Too many times we are sitting downtown trying to enjoy a nice meal, whether it’s lunch or dinner and loud vehicles come by,” Westen said. “Kids revving their engines or motorcycles coming down, it’s just hard to enjoy.” 

Hayden Macdonald has lived in the city for one year. 

“Obviously it’s a little loud as we’re talking right now you can barely hear each other,” Macdonald said. “It would be nice to hear a little less of the big trucks and side by sides and stuff like that.”  

City Manager Dominic Cloud said noise is by far  the biggest complaint that the city council receives.

“I think in some ways it’s a byproduct of the redevelopment efforts that have occurred in the city, it’s a nice place to drive though now in a vehicle and we get more people driving though with their vehicles and things get louder” 

The ordinance bans mufflers that can be heard from 50 feet away, unnecessary acceleration, downshifting, or braking to make excessive noise. 

“Not so much who is driving through or what they are driving, but how they are driving it,” Cloud said.  

It’s not just engine noise, sound systems can’t be heard 75-feet away during the day, and 50-feet at night. Cloud says it’s all about driving with respect. 

“Driving like you live here and have a connection to the place,” Cloud said. “And not like you’re flying through just to leave it all behind you.” 

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