Union workers at Goddard College remain on strike heading into April after turning down an offer the college made over the weekend.

The staffers say the new offer still wasn’t good enough, but college administrators say it’s the best offer they can make right now. Some workers took issue with a new term in the offer in which they would receive a minimum of $20 per hour, but only if enrollment reaches 400 students for at least two semesters in a row.

Workers argue the school shouldn’t have to wait for higher enrollment in order to pay them a fair wage.

“Saying, ‘You can have this if by a certain time in the future we hit this many students,’ it’s putting the onus back on us when a lot of the problems with enrollments are either exterior or some of it is the administration,” said Annie Majoros, a striker who’s worked at Goddard College for 18 years.

“We have people that have been here almost 20 years and they’re making under 20 dollars an hour,” said Victoria Codling, a striker who’s worked at Goddard College for two years. “I feel like we’ve gone down to the bare minimum of what we’ll accept.”

After detailing the new offer in a statement, Goddard College President Dan Hocoy’s office went on to say, “This is all we can offer in light of our current enrollment numbers … and our team members now need to focus on attending to students for the remainder of the residency. The College hopes to resume negotiations next week.”