Burlington, VT — Champlain College students walked out of class, calling attention to what they say is sexual misconduct on campus and are protesting how the school handles those cases. The students say they are frustrated and claim the school isn’t listening to them and are calling on the administration to hold those responsible accountable.

On Thursday, students stood outside to protest sexual violence at the school and argue that the school isn’t handling those cases properly as spelled out under Title Nine. Senior Ava Warren survived sexual assault. “It hurts and we haven’t been supported and we are sick of it and we are trying to get the attention of the school,” said Warren.

Warren and sophomore Alessia Hu organized the walkout along with other students.

“We can’t keep letting this happen, and the administration is not doing anything about this and we have to make sure that we are doing something,” said Hu.

Students shared their list of demands for the school.

“The administration needs to stop giving excuses for any accused perpetrator there are not circumstances that will ever excuse their behavior that has happened on campus.”

“I am sick of it, I am tired and I am sad and I am traumatized,” said Warren.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted while in college. More than 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the assault.

“There are multiple survivors that have come out and spoken out against the same people over and over again who hold positions of leadership within the school and we are not standing for that anymore,” said Warren.

The school sent a statement saying Champlain College’s highest priority is the health and safety of it’s students. “We do not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form,” wrote Danelle Berube, Vice President for Student Affairs and Title IX Coordinator. “We take all reports of sexual misconduct seriously and strive to remove all barriers for students to report issues and access support and resources.”

But Warren says they won’t stop until they see change. “We are tired we are exhausted we are sick of this we are hurting we have been hurt over and over again and not protected.”

Berube went on to say that the school is in process of reviewing it’s policies and enhancing communications.