Study in Montpelier suggests traffic circles could improve pedestrian safety

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MONTPELIER – A traffic study in the Capitol City is proposing changes to several intersections to make traffic safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Proposed alternatives to the current layout include a traffic circle at the intersection of Main Street and Barre Street, and another at the intersection of Spring Street and Elm Street.

Other proposals included using adaptive traffic signals that would use real-time video monitoring to reduce congestion. 

City Councilor Dona Bate was on the study committee, and said the current intersection isn’t practical.

“I do what a lot of people do, I try to avoid it because I feel it’s not a very well-functioning corridor,” Bate said. “It’s a long wait, and there’s a lot of pedestrians not only at crossings but unexpected in different places, they come out into traffic.”

The council is scheduled to hold meetings for public input before a final proposal is created. They hope to have a final plan ready for this December.

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