Plattsburgh, NY — As SUNY Plattsburgh welcomed its students back for the 2022-2023 academic year, there was a buzz around campus as people were excited to come back. Residence halls open this week as students return to campus and get settled in before classes begin on Monday.

Some improvements to the campus that returning students can look forward to including various renovations to residence halls, ongoing renovations to the gymnasium and recreation center, and a rack for hanging hammocks on campus.

There has also been an effort to build on mental health resources for students by bringing in more counselors either in person or over the phone after hours, whenever students may need help.

“I’m more excited for the opening of this year than I’ve been in years, it’s a level of comfort I feel, it’s a level of energy and enthusiasm that I feel from our students and our faculty/staff that feels different to me than it’s felt the past few years,” said Steve Matthews, Interim Dean of Students.

Matthews also said his team is trying to help students in any way they can to adjust to college life without restrictions as most of them don’t know what college was like before the pandemic.