Burlington, VT — On Monday afternoon, a woman allegedly stole over $1,000 in merchandise from a retail store on Church Street. Witnesses claim that 40-year-old Sabrina Kingsbury of Burlington had brandished a knife and threatened to stab store employees when they attempted to stop her from leaving the store with the stolen merchandise.

Officers located Kingsbury but she refused to comply with orders to put her hands behind her back and was subsequently cuffed. A knife was recovered from her person. While being transported back to the Burlington Police Department, Kingsbury started banging her head on the safety barrier in the cruiser, causing injury to herself. The Burlington Fire Department transported her from the police department to the hospital for medical treatment.

Kingsbury has a criminal history that includes 3 felony convictions, 33 misdemeanor convictions, 3 unknown offense level charges, 6 assaultive crime convictions, 2 dangerous/deadly weapon charges, 2 violations of probation/parole convictions, 2 violations of court orders/conditions, and 8 previous failures to appear in court.