Burlington, VT — A Colchester woman faces federal charges after being accused of robbing a Burlington store at knifepoint. Sabrina Kingsley appeared in District Court this week and it turns out, this is just one in a long list of criminal cases. There are more than 3 dozen cases in all, including one where she was recently accused of headbutting a Williston police officer and was eventually released.

Now, some in law enforcement are questioning whether things need to change. At the time of her Burlington arrest, Kingsley also had 3 felony convictions, 33 misdemeanor convictions, and two dangerous deadly weapon charges. Some are concerned that someone with her criminal history was not detained.

Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad took to Twitter yesterday to say “restorative justice are often appropriate and should be the community’s first impulse but when a suspect with a long, long criminal history uses violence, he or she should be prosecuted and if convicted, incarcerated.”

Patrick Foley, the Williston Police Chief says they took all necessary protocols during Kingsley’s arrest in Williston. “We follow the law. We charge everybody based on the information we have for the crime they committed. If you look at her criminal record, well over 66 misdemeanor offenses. Restorative Justice is not going to help that person. I think the system really needs to look at the way people are being dealt with.”

If convicted, Kingsbury faces a maximum sentence of twenty years behind bars. Sentencing will be determined according to federal sentencing guidelines.