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Thatcher Brook students help put Wallace Farm on road to recovery

Waterbury, Vt. - It's been nearly 7 months since a fire completely destroyed the historic Wallace Farm in Waterbury. An electrical issue in the milk house sparked the blaze as Rosina Wallace, the farm's owner, was next door having Easter dinner.

Rosina was left to pick up the pieces after the fire consumed the barn and two farm houses that have been in her family for 152 years. She also lost all of her livestock. 

"The first thing I had to deal with emotionally was losing my herd," Wallace said. "I had 23 bovine in the barn. I was really attached to my animals." 

Much more than just a dairy farm, the Wallace Farm served as an outdoor classroom to so many local students. Students at Thatcher Brook Elementary wanted to help. They raised more than $500 through a penny drop. Thanks to their efforts, Rosina has been able to start rebuilding the farm. 

"I have utilized the money that they raised to buy the materials to build the barn that's going up now," Wallace said. 

Contractors have spent the past few weeks beginning to build a new barn on the property. It'll be used to house farm equipment and Rosina's new calf, Ferdinand. 

Rosina hopes to have the barn completed as well as an apartment on the property before winter.




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