This weekend, clocks will be moving forward an hour. The payoff for losing an hour of sleep is gaining an extra hour of sunlight and for people struggling with seasonal affective disorder, there are medical benefits too.

Dr. Beth Verdone of CVPH in Plattsburgh says that 5 to 15 percent of the world’s population deals with this. People experience fatigue, social withdrawal, and low energy most days in autumn and winter, and the extra hour of daylight when most people are coming home from school or work is good for the body.

“Which helps our bodies to produce serotonin, which is involved in the sleep-wake cycle. It helps to promote the wake portion making you feel alert and calm and your best. It also promotes the production of vitamin D in your body, which is really important for both physical and mental health and optimizing your overall wellbeing.”

Additionally, Dr. Verdone says light therapy and seeking care from a professional can be helpful.