As our climate continues to warm, our seasons continue to change. Globally, over the last decade, our planet has experienced some of the warmest temperatures on record. That is a trend that continues into this year even though it is very early on. The upward trajectory of overall temperatures have been found to be a commonplace affect of climate change across the world. The theme of warming temperatures is pretty prevalent in Vermont, too.

Our last decade in Vermont was the hottest on record and it has come with challenges for the growing seasons. Winters are warming twice as fast summers in Vermont, spring is coming earlier, and fall is arriving later. Growing season itself has been extended by about four days over the past four decades. For farmers and agriculturists, a longer growing season and warmer temperature could mean larger crop yields. However, it may also lead to more stress on livestock. Another agricultural aspect to consider is the growth of new crops and new diseases infecting other crops. The balancing act of climate change will continue to be a challenge but the sooner we adapt, the better.

Rising Temperature Graph | Courtesy: Climate Central