Voters by a 3-1 margin rejected a contentious measure that would have given an independent oversight board the power to discipline Burlington police officers.

Mayor Miro Weinberger vetoed a similar measure in 2020 and says the decision is a win for the city. “Things are finally now moving in the right direction,” he said. “They knew a yes vote on number 7 would’ve undermined that and would’ve set us back and divided the community even further.”

Burlington voters also rejected a charter change that would have expanded who could propose ordinances or initiate ballot questions. The measure commonly known as “Prop Zero” failed with 53 percent voting against.

Burlington voters did approve an expansion of ranked choice voting and changing ward boundaries. They also approved allowing non-citizens who are legal residents to vote in Burlington City & School District elections.

Voters also approved a carbon pollution impact fee for new construction and large existing commercial and industrial buildings.