Plattsburgh, NY — July is Michigan Month in the Town of Plattsburgh.

Plattsburgh is considered by many to be the home of the Michigan hot dog, so in 2021, the Town Board decided to dedicate a whole month to the style of hot dog.

Supervisor Michael Cashman came up with the idea to celebrate the history of the Michigan.

“Last year we thought it would be really fun to start a town tradition where we celebrate the Michigan,” he said. “We have the highest concentration of Michigan stands right here in town.”

A Michigan hot dog or Michigan red hot, is a steamed all-beef hot dog on a steamed bun topped with a meaty sauce.

“Of course, it’s a North Country delicacy,” Cashman said. “But it has its origins right here and we’re buried in its culture, so we thought it’d be fun to celebrate it.”

McSweeney’s Red Hots co-owner Mic Farrell says it has benefitted his business and he thinks it brings the community together.

“As you go around to all of the Michigan restaurants around here I think it’s impacted us all very positively last year and this year also,” said Farrell. “It’s good for business because they may be my customer today but they’re their customer tomorrow.”

Cashman said from all over the Northeast have been visiting Plattsburgh to experience Michigan Month.

“We met a couple that came to Plattsburgh e said.because they learned of Michigan month through their local paper in Syracuse,” h

“I had a fella come in who was from this area from Connecticut,” said Farrell. “He said literally I just drove up from Connecticut just for a day just to have these.”

Cashman says he is hoping to have a day-long festival next year to celebrate the history of Michigan.

While July is almost over, there is still time to get your Michigan passports and try all of the Michigan restaurants in the area. For more information, click here.