Friday was all about celebration as Jake Burton Carpenter’s legacy was honored at his home mountain, Stowe Resort.

Jake Burton Carpenter, founder of Burton Snowboards, played a pivotal role in growing the sport of snowboarding. Turning it from just a backyard hobby, into a world class sport with the creation of his groundbreaking products, and perseverance in making resorts allow snowboarding on the mountains.

“He was just an amazing person as we all know. No matter where we were at around the world he would talk about Stowe. And you would just see his face light up. So it’s really cool that his home mountain is doing this for us,” says Jeff Boliba, Vice President of Global Resorts.

Stowe mountain resort, is honoring the late Jake Burton Carpenter by naming a trail after him. His favorite trail to ride there, ‘Lullaby Lane’ will now be called ‘Jake’s Ride’ to honor carpenter’s legacy in snowboarding. A sport which he helped pioneer and dedicated his life to.

Boliba says, “We’re very proud and once again we’re very thankful. And the fact that it is his favorite run is just so fitting. Because he really, he built a sport, he built a brand, and he built this global community of snowboarders all around the world. Which is very powerful and it’s going to live on forever. And to have a run now live on forever here at his home mountain. I think that is just awesome.”

Today is also a day for Jake, a global ride day, where snowboarders across the globe take to the slopes, to honor Jake Burton Carpenter. Participating snowboarders can be found wearing armbands like these around resorts today.