Airports around the country have been backed up this holiday season and the ripple effects are being felt at the Burlington International Airport.

Although BTV is a smaller airport relative to most around the country, travelers were still affected.

Several folks had flights delayed and cancelled.

“I was in JFK and my gate got moved twice,” says Forrest Green. “I was delayed and then I was delayed again for two hours. Keeping up with all the information, it’s been a pain.”

“[We] had a lot of trouble getting out,” says Hailey Shacklock. “Our flight was delayed probably about four hours in total.”

Many had layovers at larger airports like JFK and Newark. According to travelers, those airports were mayhem.

“It was pretty crazy,” Green says. “I couldn’t even move. There’s no place to move, you had to shove people to get through. There was like 400, 500 people crammed into the gated area and it was not fun.”

“[We saw] tons of delays, tons of cancellations and there was baggage everywhere,” says Hunter Bingham.

While some booked hotels, some even slept at the airport.

Green arrived at an airport in Salt Lake City Monday night and only arrived in Burlington around Tuesday noon.

“I just want to get with my family,” Green says. “I don’t want to be in this place anymore.”

Meanwhile, the Lynx Volleyball team from Quebec will begin their travels for training camp in Florida.

“We want to catch our first flight and thus far it looks like everything’s fine,” says Volleyball player Iman Assameur. “My dad has been checking it out very recurrently.”

The UVM Men’s Basketball team was also impacted. The team was supposed to fly down to Florida to face off against the 14th-ranked University of Miami Hurricanes. The Catamounts say the game was canceled because of weather-related travel issues. That game won’t be rescheduled.