The Turnbridge World’s Fair kicked off on Thursday, and this year they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the fair. To honor the milestone, they have constructed a 150th-anniversary display to honor the heritage behind the event.

Alan Howell, the President of the Turnbridge Fair has been involved with the event for over 40 years and the fair has been in his family for generations. He says he is elated to have a large crowd back in Turnbridge, especially the youngsters that came for the Agriculture Education Day.

“Everybody’s out and ready to go to fairs again,” said Howell. “From my understanding, a lot of people have had tremendous crowds and we did today. It was so nice to see 2,000 kids hear today.”

Howell says there will be a horse pulling show on Friday and the day will conclude with a performance by a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band.