Vermont sees more representation from marginalized voices. This, as two seats are open for Winooski City Council and both candidates are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Their names are Dallas Wheatley and Bryn Oakleaf. If elected, they hope to improve the experiences of those living in the Onion City. 

Winooski residents will see four candidates on the ballot on Town Meeting Day, a municipal election less than two weeks away. Oakleaf is a write-in, making her the fifth candidate.

“I have the experience already of working for the state government for municipalities,” said Oakleaf.

Oakleaf is a resident of Winooski, having lived in the community for eight years. For nearly four years, she has served as the Winooski Representative for the Chittenden Solid Waste District. In June, she was nominated and elected to be seated as the chair of the board.

“It’s more just out of a desire to get people invested again,” said Dallas Wheatley.

Wheatley is openly transgender.

“I’m a trans-masculine, non-binary person. Those are the words I used to describe myself. I not a man, I’m not a transman but I am also not a woman,” said Wheatley.

If elected, Wheatley hopes to involve more Winooski residents in municipal decisions and make the city more accessible. 

“Very few buildings are handicapped accessible. There’s almost no handicapped parking. Parking itself is an issue that we can get to,” said Wheatley.

Oakleaf says she wants to bring more people into the city of Winooski.

“We have currently a tax base that is struggling to support the capital projects and the infrastructure needs that we have,” said Oakleaf.

It’s possible that both candidates can be elected come town meeting day. 

“I’m very excited to bring more attention and awareness and diversity to the ballot and hopefully to the council, I think it’s something that hasn’t existed previously for the city,” said Oakleaf.

Both candidates say they are supportive of one another.

“Diversity on the council can only increase the representation of the community that lives and resides in Winooski,” said Oakleaf.

For more information on Dallas Wheatley visit his website. To contact Bryn Oakleaf, send her an email at