Burlington, VT– One year after the war in Ukraine started, the Fletcher Free Library is hosting an art exhibit depicting peace.

The exhibit is titled Let’s Build a Roof Over the World: Youth Artwork from the Ukraine, Republic of Georgia and Moldova. It displays images drawn and painted by Ukrainian, Georgian, and Moldovan children, all incorporating some aspect of peace.

The exhibit is curated by the Fermata Arts Foundation which strives to preserve peace through art. Library Director Mary Danko notes the importance of sharing positivity through the children’s artwork.

“They have this innocence, it’s unfiltered, they’re wanting for a place where they can grow up in a peaceful environment,” Danko says. “We want people to be mindful of what’s going on, and hopefully do things in their lives that is going to preserve the kind of democracies that we want to preserve throughout the world,” she adds.

The exhibit will be at the library through March 30th open to the public during the library’s regular hours.