The University of Vermont and the City of Burlington are celebrating the completion of a long-anticipated street renovation project. University Place, the road that connects Main Street to Colchester Avenue through UVM’s campus, is now open.

About $3 million worth of city and university funds went into the project, as well as ARPA dollars to renovate sewage pipes below the concrete. The street was reduced to one-way traffic, but UVM’s President Suresh Garimella says this is to uphold the pedestrian-friendly nature of the campus.

With the city-owned road located on the campus, Mayor Miro Weinberger says the city and school have always had a good working relationship. “We are celebrating not just the completion of a complex construction project that provides the dramatic infrastructure improvements you can see here,” Mayor Weinberger says. “We’re also celebrating the success of a long and thoughtful partnership between UVM and the city that benefits our whole community.”

President Garimella also noted, “it’s a pleasure really to see this transformation completed after having walked by this thing so many times.”

Mayor Weinberger added, the new design also works to protect water quality, while promoting student and pedestrian safety. Even though University Pl is now only one direction for cars, bike lanes still run in both directions.