The man reported shot in Highgate on Saturday has died, and Vermont State Police say they’ve arrested a suspect. Joshua LaFromboise, 29, of Highgate is expected to be arraigned on Monday in St. Albans.

LaFromboise is charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Troopers arrested him Sunday night. He’s accused of shooting Logan Pratt, 33, of Swanton and of trying to shoot Brittnie Blanchard, 30, also of Swanton.

Pratt and Blanchard were reportedly visiting LaFromboise’s home on Route 7 in Highgate early Saturday morning when an altercation broke out. Investigators believe the altercation involved drugs. Blanchard drove away from the house at about 5:15 a.m. with Pratt in the front passenger’s seat. LaFromboise is believed to have followed the two south on Route 7.

Police accuse LaFromboise of firing a handgun at Blanchard’s car more than once, about four miles south of LaFromboise’s home. Blanchard was not injured, but at least one of the bullets struck Pratt. Blanchard continued driving south — with LaFromboise reportedly still giving chase — through Highgate, Swanton and St. Albans.

At about 5:35 a.m., Blanchard reached Route 207 and Paquette Drive in St. Albans Town. Investigators say she waved down Franklin County Sheriff’s Department deputies at the intersection and stopped her car as LaFromboise drove away. The deputies provided first aid and called an ambulance, which brought Pratt to UVM Medical Center. Pratt died from his injuries at UVMMC Sunday afternoon.

Troopers also noted late Sunday night that there would be an autopsy at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington to determine the cause and manner of Pratt’s death. There was no indication, however, of when the autopsy might take place.