A 33-year-old man well known to Burlington police is expected to be arraigned Monday on charges of aggravated assault after allegedly beating a man in Battery Park on Saturday.

Police say Matthew Kaigle approached a man sitting on a bench and began punching him, knocking him to the ground. According to witnesses, Kaigle then kicked the man in the head multiple times before he left the park on foot.

When officers arrived and interviewed the alleged victim, he told police Kaigle made “malicious motivated statements of the victim’s perceived race/color.” Surveillance video captured Kaigle walking to his truck on the southside of Burlington Police Department headquarters, where he was arrested.

Police said Kaigle has had more than two dozen encounters with officers since January. In May, he was arrested for aggravated assault after using his vehicle as a battering ram to move another vehicle that was blocking an exit to a parking lot. In July, Kaigle was a person of interest in a fight in which he allegedly retrieved a sledge hammer, threatening another man.

Police said Kaigle has been violent toward members of the public numerous times in recent months, but many of his alleged victims feared retaliation if they cooperated with officers. His criminal record includes two felony convictions and five convictions for misdeameanors. He was also arrested for an assault on law enforcement, a deadly weapon-related charge and four parole or probation violations.

Kaigle is scheduled to be arraigned at 10:30 a.m. Monday after being held at Northwest State Correctional in St. Albans Town on $2,500 bail.