Montpelier, VT — On Tuesday, state health leaders addressed the surge in COVID cases in Vermont. The seven day average jumped 5% per day over this past week and the state reported over 2,000 cases this week, 300 cases more than last week.

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine says while the cases are rising, treatments are available.            

“Unfortunately, this current wave of cases is not yet going down in Vermont is not going down. But COVID-19 activities remain magnitudes lower than what we saw during the initial Omicron Surge.”

Dr. Levine says they have 2,000 doses of the anti-viral drug Paxlovid.

“This means that this effective anti-drug will be easier to access and will prevent cases of disease in Vermont.”

He urges skeptics of antiviral drugs to reconsider. “Paxlovin’s effectiveness was astounding in all clinical trials. You should have very little reason to fear it because you won’t be given the drug if you have a contradiction to it.”

For the second day in a row, Scott announced a veto. On Monday, he returned a bill that would reform the state’s pension system, saying it doesn’t include enough structural change to solve the unfunded liability.

On Tuesday, he announced the veto of amendments to Burlington’s charter that would have changed the rules about evictions, saying it would discourage property owners from renting to vulnerable prospective tenants.

Burlington’s progressive caucus says the ‘Just Cause Eviction Charter Change’ will be sent back to the House and Senate, and it plans to push for an override of the veto.